Hans in the studioHans van der Kamp (1955) is a Dutch photographer, blogger and curator, currently living in the heart of Amsterdam’s Red Light District.

He started his career as a photographer and journalist for Dutch illustrated magazines and in 1993 he wrote a novel entitled: Nette mensen in een nieuwe tijd. The Dutch title of the novel woud loosely translate into: Decent people of the new era. This novel very mildly criticized the new business mentality in a country that at the time was slowly evolving from a society run by leftwing democrats and socialists to a free market economy, American style.

However mild the accusations in this novel and the publications surrounding it were, they were cause for several legal battles. The Dutch Department of Justice wasn’t too happy because they insisted there was no such thing as organized crime in The Netherlands. They also did not appreciate the way Van der Kamp described how the police dealt or rather cooperated with these crime organizations. Of course the targeted crime organization was not too happy either and Van der Kamp ended up on a so called death list without any serious hope for protection by the Dutch police force. He went into hiding for quite some time and when he resurfaced he never once worked for a Dutch company or organization again.

Instead he became somewhat of a cultural outcast who spent most of his time focusing on photography and exhibiting his works in countries outside the Netherlands such as Belgium, France, Canada, Russia and the USA.

A few years after the clashes with both the government and organized crime he founded AMEA // World Museum of Erotic Art. The site was meant to be a satirical version of the many large websites that dominated the web at the time, but AMEA is still going strong today, 20 years later, whereas most of these large sex-sites have long filed for bankruptcy.

Van der Kamp also maintains a Dutch blog: ‘Vanuit de Verte‘ (From Afar) and of course his photographic portfolio is to be found at hansvanderkamp.com. Occasionally he writes columns about BDSM for the Dutch site The Kinky Web.

For the last two decades Van der Kamp’s photographic work consists mainly of BDSM and Fetish photography and at age 60 he began collecting the notes he had written over the years about the life of his favorite pornographer/philosopher D.A.F. de Sade and decided it was time to publish them on a website, illustrated with his own photographic works.

It took quite some time to find the right domain name and in the end he was surprised to see that the last domain name he had ever expected to be available (http://dafdesade.com) was still unregistered.

He considered this to be an omen.